Hi, I’m Pete from TEN. I craft high-quality, no-code apps for startups and charities, reinvesting 10% of profits to empower people with disabilities.


When it comes to small projects, it’s common to see scope expand and budgets swell. To keep things simple I offer two fixed-price packages at £4k and £12k.

Before we move forward, I will sit down to tailor the scope of your project to fit whichever budget you opt for. This approach removes the painful fee negotiation, instead placing a focus on prioritising the most important features.

Prototype Sprint

Price: £4,000

Estimated timeline: 3-4 weeks

Perfect for: A working prototype to test with internally and use in demos with key stakeholders.

Find out what is achievable by checking out my portfolio.

Idea to MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Price: £12,000

Estimated timeline: 10-12 weeks

Perfect for: A fully-working app MVP, ready to use with paying customers.

Find out what is achievable by checking out my portfolio.

Why TEN?

I’m a founder too

I get it, there are tons of people in the startup space trying to sell to you, and you might even believe they’re the right people for you one day only to watch another video or read another blog post and realise you need to screw up your plan and throw it in the bin. But if I’ve learnt one thing over the years its that working with people who have been in your position ‘get it’ and want to help. And I’m now one of those people!

Yes this could all just be marketing speak, so I invite you to do your research and take a look at my past-posts over LinkedIn. It’s been a rocky road!

Pricing Transparency

One of my biggest frustrations when I started out was trying to figure out how much things cost. With most agencies keeping their price close to their chest you can waste a lot of time speaking with potential developers, only to discover that they’re way beyond budget.

Similarly as a freelancer that values my time, one of the biggest time-sinks is taking calls with clients who are mismatched on pricing expectations. That’s why I’ve decided to keep things simple.

I offer two project types: Prototype Sprint and Idea to MVP for £4k and £12k respectively (no VAT). Keep reading to find out more about what’s on offer with both services.

Perfect for non-technical teams

Both services are designed to work with you every step with you from the very start here with you at every step from initial ideation to launching on the App Store. Furthermore, bBecause your app is developed on a no-code platform it’s possible to make small changes without the need to pay a developer.

It won’t look like shit, I promise

While some will argue that startups place too much emphasis on making things pretty, there really is no excuse for early prototypes and MVPs not to look nice. Whilst your app might not compete with the swishiest app from the latest fin-tech startup, I can personally guarantee it won’t look like shit.

This is a good deal…

I’m British, so blowing my own trumpet is not something I make a habit of. But I’m honestly really proud of the value I provide. Whether you’re in need of a working prototype as a showcase for investors, to test within your team, or a first-version app to onboard early customers, I offer great value in both packages.


Why is the studio called TEN?

Short answer: I pledge ten percent of profits (before I take my salary) to charitable causes.

Long answer: I want to have a positive impact; not only in the work I do with startups and charities, but through how I steward the money I earn. As a freelancer, the majority of the money earned in the business goes to my salary, so I’m very clear that the 10% figure is taken from the business’s profits BEFORE I take my salary. Every year I pledge our profits behind various charities. You can find out more about who I’m supporting in 2024 below.

Who do I work with?

I work predominantly with charities and startups on limited budgets. But I’m open to work with others if I believe my services are the best fit for your needs.

What are you NOT?

I am not a professional juggler, a Tellytubby, an international spy or a builder with an NVQ in bricklaying. I’m also not an SEO expert, a full-stack cloud developer and whilst the apps I build are robust starter apps to get started with, I wouldn’t recommend scaling with no-code. But honestly by the time you have enough customers that no-code isn’t viable, really that’s a good problem to have and you’ll be able to splash for someone a bit more fancy.

Are there any additional ongoing costs?

Yes – but not from me. Adalo charges a monthly fee to host your app on their servers. The amount your charged is mostly impacted by how much use your app gets from your users. The base cost ranges from around £50/month. You can find out more about Adalo’s pricing here or else reach out to me to discuss your specific requirements using the contact form below.

Why no code?

At TEN I use no-code tools to build iOS, Android and web-apps. I specialise in development using Adalo and Flutterflow which enables us to use the best tools for the project.

No-code enables us to get your app up and running more quickly whilst empowering semi-technical people in your team to make small changes without the need to involve developers.

I found someone on Fiverr for less

I know my offering won’t be right for everyone, and that’s OK. So if you’ve found someone you’re happy to work with, who charges less than me on a freelancer site then that’s great. It would be wrong for me to sit here and tell you I’ll do a better job, because who am I to say, all I can do is be open about what you’ll get if you do decide to work with me.

We don’t have any money yet, but our idea is amazing, we love you, will you work for equity?

I’m sure your idea is wonderful, but due to the nature of this business providing the cashflow for me to live, I’m not currently in the position to work only for equity at this stage.

How can we work together?

Fill out the contact form below explaining in the best detail you can what you’re looking to create and I will get in touch.

Ahoy, PB!

Please use the form below to get in touch.