Ten Design is an app development studio that specialises on building apps for charities and startups with non-technical teams.

Why are we called Ten Design?

When it comes to small projects, it’s common to see scope expand and budgets swell. We offer two fixed-price services at £4k and £10k, then work with you to tailor the scope of your project to fit the budget. This approach not only removes painful fee negotiation, but also focuses all involved to include only the most essential features.

By limiting scope we also aim to deliver most projects within a ten week time-frame.

Who do we work with?

We work predominantly with charities and startups on limited budgets. But we’re open to work with others if we believe our services are the best fit for your needs.

Why no code?

At Ten Design we use no-code tools to build iOS, Android and web-apps. We specialise in development using Adalo and Flutterflow which enables us to use the best tools for the project. No-code enables us to get your app up and running more quickly, it also enables semi-technical people in your team to make small changes without the need to involve developers.

No-code may not be scalable for multi-billion dollar international businesses, but if you’re just starting no-code scales well even for companies with the boldest of ambitions.

How can we work together?

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