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GPT Tales


GPT Tales on Apple Podcasts

In May 2023 I found myself in my parents’ kitchen attempting to explain what it was and why generative AI was such a big deal. After 15 minutes of fruitless explanation I eventually stumbled upon a demo which captured my mother’s imagination. Asking Chat GPT to tell short stories.

The first of these, the story about a hedgehog who loved bananas captured the imagination of all those present. So naturally I thought, ‘let’s make this a podcast’.

You can listen along at the link above.

My Sound Audio Bible


In 2018 I rediscovered the joy of spending time reading scripture. As someone who processes information through hearing, I would often choose to listen to the NIV audiobook. As much as I appreciate this resource, and narrator’s clear delivery, it didn’t feel very ‘me’.

And I wondered to myself, if someone like me, a white, middle-class man wasn’t connecting with the delivery from another white middle-class male voice, how many others feel disconnected from the texts?

My solution was to crowd-source audio from an engaged community of bible-readers across the world. Each morning users would be sent a chapter to record in their language and in their own style. These voices would be tagged with descriptors and allow listening users to tune in to the bible every day with voices and accents more familiar to their own.

One of the limitations to this would be the amount of time it would take for one reader to get through the whole bible. But in fact that opened up the best opportunity of all – the ability to listen to the bible from a broad range of accents, reading styles and languages.

The project never truly kicked-off, but with the right support and passion I’d be keen to build out the technology to make this happen. If you own rights to a bible translation and fancy partnering – reach out below!¬†


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